Wetsuit FAQ's

What makes Elios suits so special?

What are the advantages of the unlined cell interior?

The bare rubber of a cell interior suit will seal onto the skin, reducing water ingress into the suit, and making the suit warmer. Rubber is also easier to disinfect, and less likely to develop offensive odours than nylon!

Do I need a made to measure suit?

The neoprene used in Apneasub suits is very stretchy, and most "standard size" people will be able to fit in a standard suit.
If you have trouble buying clothes to fit, you probably need a made to measure suit.
If you are unsure of what size you need, fill in the measurement form and we will be able to advise you. No one is exactly a standard size, and a made to measure suit is always more comfortable.
Most of our customers seem to think they are well worth the extra 20.

Putting on an open cell wetsuit

Open cell wetsuits do not slide over the skin like a conventional wetsuit, and so must be lubricated before use.
Fill a two litre bottle with warm water, add a big squirt of hair conditioner, liquid soap or shower gell, and shake it all up. Pour this
mixture into the suit and shake the suit around to spread it all over the inside. The suit should now slide on easily.
Smoothskin/cell suits need particular care, always use the flat of your palm the ease the suit on, use of fingertips or excessive force may result in a torn suit, which is not covered under the warranty!
When taking off a smoothskin suit, use the same soap/water mixture to lubricate the outside.

What is the best lubricant for donning an unlined suit?

Many people swear by simply using sea water, but this can be a bit bracing in UK conditions. I find a 20-1 water and antibacterial soap solution makes the suit slide on easily and also helps prevent skin irritations. In the winter warm water from a flask is very civilised.

What thickness suit should I buy?

Obviously this depends on water temperatures, but for UK diving a 5mm is a good all round choice.


Why have a smoothskin exterior?

Smoothskin dries quickly, meaning there is less heat lose due to evaporation when sitting on a boat. It is also more flexible than a nylon covered suit, and has less friction in the water. The downside is the need to be very careful putting the suit on, and when diving around sharp edges.


Why have a nylon exterior?

Nylon on the outside makes the suit much tougher and more resistant to tearing, but at the expense of some flexibility. Nylon also has a choice of colours.