What size gun should I buy?

Different sized guns have different uses;

60cm; For hole fishing, flatfish or very low visibility. Very manouverable, but with limited range. Some divers like to fit these with 5 pronger heads

75cm; The great allrounder, may be used for hole fishing or openwater. Short enough to be manouverable, with a lot more range than a 60. An ideal first speargun size. If you are only going to buy one gun for UK spearfishing, this is it.

90cm; More range than a 75, but a bit long for hole fishing. A good all round open water gun, particularly in the Southwest. My personal favourite

100cm; Useful for spooky fish in clear water. Normally only used in 30ft plus visibility. The extra 10cm of length over a 90 makes a big difference to range and manouverability

120cm;The South African standard. Very rarely used in the UK, as seeing the end of it can be a problem! Perfect for tropical reef hunting, with enough range for open water gamefish

140cm; Blue water special. For open water tropical gamefish The sizes of rubber powered spearguns refer to barrel length only.

The standard spear lengths for these guns are;

60cm gun; 100cm spear

75cm gun; 115cm spear

90cm gun; 130cm spear

100cm gun; 140cm spear

120cm gun; 160cm spear

140cm gun; 180cm spear

Most spearos end up with several different sized guns for different uses. For UK diving a 75 is the best first buy, as it has the widest application. A diver in Sussex or Hampshire may also want a 60. In the Southwest where the water is generally clearer, a 90 would probably be the next purchase. .


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