Waterway monofins are the best in the world, and have been used to set numerous world records, both in finswimming and freediving, including the current constant ballast record (Carlos Coste -90m).

All Waterway monofins have hand shaped and trimmed fibreplastic blades, with a series of lateral reinforcements and channels to aid water flow.

All fins are fitted with the exclusive Waterway monoblock footpocket, which is available in a full range of sizes A number of models are available to suit all types of diver, from the beginner to the world-class athlete.

Model 1 (70cm wide x 62cm long) is suitable for larger or more experienced divers.

It is available in Sprint. Medium and Long Distance versions. Long distance is the most popular for freediving.

Model 2 (66cm wide x 61cm long) is ideal for beginners or smaller divers.

It is available in Sprint, Medium and Long Distance versions. Long Distance is the most popular, but many divers use the Medium for training.

Model 3 (62cm wide x 59cm long) is primarily for training, it is particularly popular with competitive butterfly swimmers to help develop the kick stroke. It is available in Medium and Long Distance versions