How to take measurements for a custom wetsuit

1 Height - Measure from top of head to floor without shoes.
2 Shoulder breadth - measure across shoulders between tips of shoulder blades.
3 Arm length - keep your arm in normal position by your side and measure from tip of humerus to wrist bone.
4.1 Chest measurement - Raise your arms, Place the tape just below the armpits then lower your arms. Take the chest measurement with the tape fitting close under the armpits, in a relaxed position and breathing normally.( nipple level for woman)
4.2 For Woman only: another Chest circumference 2: ( measuring the circumference on the upper part of chest, under the armpit, (always with arms along the body) above the breast.
5 Shoulder-blade/crotch length - place the tape measure on the backbone and measure from the first vertebra at the base of the neck to halfway sown the curve of the buttocks 4 cm beneath the coccyx.
6 Waist - measure at the level of the navel.
7 Pelvis - measure above the buttocks.
8 Thigh - measure at the widest point.
9 Calf - measure at the widest point.
10 Inside leg - measure length from crotch to ankle bone.
11 Head circumference - measure at the forehead.
12 Neck - measure at the centre of the neck on the Adam's apple, Indicate in a separate note if the neck is
visibly long or short and if the chin is particularly pronounced.
13 Biceps - with your arm at your side measure at the centre of the muscle.
14 Forearm circumference - measure at the widest point a few centimetres below the elbow.
15 Wrist - measure at the smallest point.
16 Ankle - measure a few millimetres above the ankle bone.