Rob Allen Railguns are famous worldwide for their power, accuracy and durability. They are the ultimate in speargun technology, offering a light, balanced rig, suitable for all types of fishing.
The most obvious feature of Rob Allen guns is the full length rail, which is actually part of the extruded aircraft aluminium barrel, not some plastic add on. Not only does the rail guide the spear, it also stiffens the barrel, preventing flex, even when using the most powerful of rubbers.
The muzzle is designed to use bulk rubber, in either 16mm or 20mm, rather than the more conventional European screw in type, with tied in dyneema wishbones, resulting in a quieter firing action. Single or double rubbers may be fitted
All Railguns are shipped with a 6.6mm spring steel spear, with tri cut tip, and underslung, tuned, 75mm barb. 7mm spears are available as an option
Railguns are available exclusively in Europe through Spearo UK, in all lengths from 60cm up to 170cm
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Basic Rail Gun 60cm to 120 cm Price: £120

Basic Rail Gun 130cm to 170cm Price: £130

New Carbon Rail Gun Price: £250

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